Use grants to get started on your projects

    Most of us have dream projects that we would love to get started … if only. If only we had the funding! While grants will not solve all your financial problems, you can use them to get a project underway, or to help after a financial disaster. Best of all you can now do all of your applications online now! There are basically three categories of grants: Grants for education, for people who want to return to school, Grants to start a business, for those who have a good business idea, and Grants for low income, those who have extreme temporary financial need. Do you fit in one of these categories? Read on to see how grants can give you a boost!

What is a grant?

    A grant is different than a loan; usually you don't have to repay the money awarded from a grant. In one sense they are like free money. However, this money is required to be used on a specific purpose, which is named in the grant. Also every grant may have a different set of qualifications, which are always detailed out in the grant description.

    The biggest mistake people make is thinking that they can just apply for grants and live off of the money for a while. This just wastes your time, and the time of the individuals who process the grants. Be sure you are ready and prepared to see the project through. This means if you are applying for an educational grant be ready to go to school, or for a business grant, actually have a business idea. Low income grants are usually for people who have a financial hardship like unemployment, unpaid child support, or needs emergency food.

    Finally, be aware these are not a free ride, grants usually do not cover all of the expenses of the project in question. This means if you are applying for an educational grant, it probably will not cover all of the expenses involved. Same for a business grant. If you are embarking on this adventure anyway, however grants can give you the boost you need to get started.

Where do I go?   

    There are a lot of scams on the internet regarding grants, so keep one thing in mind: Nobody is going to charge you a fee to APPLY for a grant. There are dozens of legal services who will, for a fee, will complete applications for you, or help you prepare for an application (like writing a business plan), but are not required to apply for the grant itself. Below are the links we have found that will help you get started on your project:

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EDUCATIONALGRANTING.COM -Has links to apply for educational grants. -Has grants to start a business links to apply for low income housing grants. -for links to get grants to help with utility bills.

CLICK HERE for grants to help with childcare (low income)

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